About me

My day job is running Oursky, a software studio based in Hong Kong and Taipei I co-founded in 2008.

Our flagship product is Skygear.io, which is an open-source serverless platform, based on k8s to help developers develop more secure web and mobile apps.

Our serverless platform helps developers to focus at building amazing software quicker, easier and securer without messing with severs, by providing a platform which makes creating and deploying Micro-Services, Cloud Functions on kubernetes really easy. We also provide an auth microservices which satisfy most apps requirements and provide features like 2FA, Sessions Management securely.

With Skygear, our professional services team also provide UI/UX Design, Web/Mobile Apps Development, and Machine Learning technology to our clients’ since 2008. We built apps with millions of download, including two apps which were listed in Apple’s prestigious ‘Best of 2013’ and ‘Best of 2017’.

Our team also run a few side products such as makeappicon.com which help over 3000 developers/designers life easier daily.

Besides Oursky, I severed for various non-profit related to the IT industry, or freedom, democracy, security and privacy including:

  • Chairman of Internet Society Hong Kong
  • Committee of Culture & Media Education Foundation
  • Elected Member, Information Technology Subsector, Election Committee of HKSAR Government (2012, 2016)
  • Executive Committee of Hong Kong Wireless Technology Industry Association
  • Member, IT Advisory Group of PopVote for HKUPOP
  • Preparatory Executive Committee of Creative Commons Hong Kong
  • Member, Joint Committee on Student Finance (2005 - 2006)

Contact me

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