About me

My day job is running Oursky, a software studio with teams in Hong Kong, Taipei, London, Canada. I spend most of my time in Hong Kong and Taipei.

Oursky is driven by developers and technologies, value craftsmanship, and socially progressive.

Our mission is to build open source solutions to help corporate in digital transformation and help developers build secure and privacy-aware software.

Oursky Professional Services team builds digital products with great user experience for clients all over the world. We provide UI/UX Design, Agile Software Development, DevOps, Blockchain Development Services for clients ranging from rockstar startups to corporates like Standard Chartered Bank, A.S. Watson Group and Nvidia.

We also have a Machine Learning team to provide machine learning and data warehouse services for our clients.

Our products include:

  • Authgear - an open source auth-as-a-service solution for web and mobile applications, which is developer-friendly with opinionated defaults. It includes various security features like 2FA, session management, passwordless login out of the box, and help businesses to unify its authentication experiences across multiple platforms with simple integration.
  • FormX.ai - an API service to extract structured information from mobile captured documents or forms. For example, we worked with Google to help the Li Ka Shing Foundation speed up the processing of applications for the Instant Relief Fund in 2019, by providing API which can extract information from documents such as Business Registration, Food License, etc.

Besides Oursky, I severed for various non-profit related to the IT industry, or freedom, democracy, security and privacy including:

  • Chairman of Internet Society Hong Kong
  • Committee of Culture & Media Education Foundation
  • Elected Member, Information Technology Subsector, Election Committee of HKSAR Government (2012, 2016)
  • Executive Committee of Hong Kong Wireless Technology Industry Association
  • Member, IT Advisory Group of PopVote for HKUPOP
  • Preparatory Executive Committee of Creative Commons Hong Kong
  • Member, Joint Committee on Student Finance (2005 - 2006)

Contact me

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